Nothing Lasts Forever !


I have been a practicing physician on Long Island NY since 1986. Over the years many patients complained that they had body art that they wanted altered or removed all together. Unfortunately, there was very little they could do without creating a scar.

As I studied means of tattoo removal I found that Q Switched lasers were the best and safest method of laser tattoo removal. I purchased what I consider the finest lasers and began adding laser tattoo removal to my practice.

A few patients started affectionately calling me the tattoo doctor and thus Dr Undo Tattoo was born. At Dr Undo Tattoo all the evaluation, preparation, laser removal and after care is performed by me Dr. Glenn Messina . The importance of that is continuity of your care. I know your skin type, how you react to the laser, your history thus your treatments are more effective in that I optimise everyone individually and should a question arise I know exactly what the issue entails.

THe Dr Undo Tattoo website is very informative, not to exotic but you want your tattoo removed not a fancy web page……am I right?

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