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Asian Lasers

A quick search on sites such as EBAY for laser systems will result I hundreds of Q-Switched lasers for under $2000 many under $800 from Asian areas. These systems are not FDA approved, what does this mean to your safety? It means this laser has not been tested to prove that the power released in uniform and in the desired range. These systems can have major firing power fluxes so shot 1 may be on target but shot 10 may be over or under. This is UNSAFE for the patient and physician. They can lead to scars burns an other side affects. Beware of it if you physician adds a laser to the office that is not FBA approved.

Burns and Scars

When removing a tattoo with the proper laser the risk of scaring is under 5%. Recently I have had patients

present to the office with severs burns and one scar that has limited the motion in his arm!

In every instance they were at a place that was not physician run, one had no physician the other a phantom physician seen once in a rare while.

This is dangerous and a risk to your overall mental and physical health. Always look for the doctor before you start and make sure they know about tattoo removal. Just because you are an MD does not mean you are a laser expert.

New Ruby laser

I am proud to announce that the practice has added another Q Ruby laser.

The Ruby will allow for better more precise removal of Green and Blue ink.

Multiple pass technique tattoo removal

Most of my colleagues including myself are no longer fond of the R20 multiple pass technique for laser tattoo removal
In my opinion the risk of skin complications is more than I am willing to take for my patients.


This photo has been in my office for almost 5 years. The person didn’t know its meaning I just found out today that it means good fortune when a patient read it.

before-chinesseIts true you learn something every day.

Dr. M

The Picosecond lasers

Recently as of last year the picosecond alex laser was approved for laser tattoo removal. I was very excited to see the reviews it seems that it can decrease the number of treatments to remove green and blue ink. There doesn’t seem to be a big difference in removal of black inks in the pico compared to the gold standard Q switched technology. As for red inks the pico does not remove that color at all.

Botox injections for Men…..Men are starting to enjoy the benefits of Botox injections for anti-aging