Nothing Lasts Forever !


Black ink tattoo back of neck

Today I had a patient come in requesting a tattoo fade for

a cover up. I wasnt suprised because that accounts for about

40% of my practice. What did surprise me is when they took out

an 8×10 photo of the tattoo that the artist marked in detail just

what they wanted to be faded and what areas they wanted to remain.

This was a real stroke of genius. It made the process so much

easier and accurate. If at all possible do this. Many times there

is confusion about what areas should be faded. Having the artist

mark up the photo will make this fade perfect.

Basically it’s very important to avoid placing ¬†any tattoos on the face, neck or hands. Although it is no reflection on you often employers are reluctant to hire persons with tattoos in those areas.

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Here is a short video of very bad tattoo fails.

Important things that effect the rate of laser tattoo removal.

The laser shatters your ink in the deep dermal layer of the skin and your immune cells carry it away.
Areas that have a high supply of blood flow and lymph the basic carrier of your immune system clear tattoo ink sooner than areas that lack this supply.
The higher up on your body the tattoo the better your immune system works on it.

If you had an identical tattoo on your neck and foot the neck would clear several treatments before the foot!